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halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
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Tips for the trip on Halong Bay

"Tips for the trip on Halong Bay" includes useful tips about the best time to visit, transportation, travel clothing, food & drinks as well as activities in Halong. They all are for your satisfaction and interesting trip at the World Natural Wonder, Halong Bay.
The Best Time To Visit Halong Bay The best time for a trip on Halong Bay is from April to the end of November (the time of summer and fall in Vietnam). Read more →
Transportation To Halong Bay Tourists travelling to Halong Bay usually choose a bus for transferring. However, it may take a long time (from Hanoi, it takes about 4 hours).. Read more →
Clothing When Go To Halong Bay The weather of Halong Bay is typical monsoon tropics and the average temperature is over 20°C. Therefore, you should wear light clothing accompanied with sport shoes or sandals. Read more →
Food & Drinks in Halong Bay When using food or drinks bought from the local venders on the street or on the sampan, you must notice its hygiene and expired date. Read more →
Activities in Halong Bay After 2 hours, the feeling of itching and irritating will leave. For other activities like kayaking, caving, etc, tourists have to obey safety rules and the guidance of the tour guide. Read more →