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halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
halong bay
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Titles & Awards of Halong-Bay
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About Halong bay - Halong Bay Travel Guide

The more you know, the more interesting the Halong bay trip is. Thus, we provide you brief information about Halong bay history, natural features, famous attractions as well as notable values in culture and daily life. Moreover, some tips and information about way to get Halong Bay will be useful for you upon the trip.
Halong Bay Overview
Halong Bay ("descending dragon bay") is located in Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. The climate in Halong is wet tropical ...
Halong Bay History
Halong Bay has experienced at least 500 million years in many different geological states such as orogeny, marine ...
Things to do in Halong Bay
Coming to Halong Bay, tourists will find a paradise of sites and entertainment. There, tourists can enjoy various kinds ...
Things to see in Halong Bay
With the geological and geomorphologic value as well as aesthetic value, Halong Bay is certainly one of must-see ...
Halong Bay Cuisine & Foods
Cuisine of Halong is one of the most impressive things to tourists. For each type of seafood, Halong has its own ...
Halong Bay Festivals
Halong Bay Festivals is very diverse with both traditional and modern festivals. Traditional festivals such as Cua Ong ...
Titles & Awards of Halong Bay
Thanks to the favor of the Creator, Halong Bay was blessed with spectacular seascape of lime-stone mountains and grotto ...
Halong Bay Preservation
Halong Bay was recognized twice by UNESCO as a world natural heritage with the values of geology, geomorphology and ...
How to get Halong Bay
To get Halong Bay, tourists have several options to choose: by road way, water way or air way. In general, transport of ...
Tips for the trip on Halong Bay
"Tips for the trip on Halong Bay" includes useful tips about the best time to visit, transportation, travel clothing, ...

Halong Bay Sea and islands

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Halong Bay is a spectacular blend of sea and islands with 1,969 islets which are mostly lime-stone. Long-standing islands of Halong Bay with various sizes and shapes are relics of various geological operations including orogeny, marine transgression and marine regression in 5.000 years ago.

Halong Bay Grotto & Cave System

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Halong Bay is the world of various beautiful caves which were mostly created in Pleistocene epoch in around 2.000.000 - 11.000 years ago. Grotto system is wealthy treasure of Halong Bay as its aesthetic value and geological value.

Halong Bay Floating Villages

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Floating village is a unique cultural feature of Halong Bay and also home to the original inhabitants of Halong with a long-lasting tradition. Visiting floating villages, tourists will have an insight into peaceful daily life of fishermen in the middle of Halong Bay.